A criticque on the alleged attribution of prophethood to Imams in the view of Imamie Muslims

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Fourth level gradute of Howze school for Islamic studies in Qom


In some Wahabi writings, the fact that some Shias attribute prophethood to Imams is blamed on the followers of Imamie movement. This very act is indeed paving the ground to regard Shias as strayed and excommunicate them. The central question addressed by the current research is: on what grounds do Wahabis regard Shias as having such distorted beliefs? Attributing prophethood to Imams is an exaggration of the elevated status of Imams. Some people claim that Imams have the status of prophethood in addition to being Imams. This belief runs counter to the central belief of Islam which states prophet of Islam is the very last messenger sent by Almighty Allah towards mankind. yet it is another perfect pretext for Wahhabis to deem Shias as strayed from religion. To present the answer, the current research first explores the essential difference between Imams and prophets in terms of their character and being in both Shia and Wahabi ideology. It then looks at the background of attributing prophethood to Imams and the existence of exaggration in Shia ideology in describing Imams. After a deep probation of their writings, It is concluded that Wahabi line of resoning is obsolete, false, erroneous or maybe just a prapaganda.