Aims and Scope

The purpose of "Imamat pajouhi" Journal is to examine the subject of Imamate from the beginning of the history of Imamate to the present.

The scope and domain of the activities of the "Imamat pajouhi" Journal include the following:

1. Personal and family life of the Imams (family, children, wife, characteristics, martyrdom, etc.)

2. Presentation of ancient, authentic and prominent scientific and research works in the field of Imamate

3. Introduction of authentic studies published in the present era around the topic of Imamate (in different countries and languages)

4. Introducing and presenting the activities and plans of the Imamate (exhibitions, competitions, educational and research workshops, gatherings, conferences, etc.)

5. Introduction of active prominent characters and researchers in the field of Imamate Study

6. Examining the role and practices of the Imams in accordance with their era of governance (political, social, cultural, and economic thoughts, wars, events, etc.)

7. Comparative Study of Imamate in different religions

8. Imams and Imamate in the Quran and Islamic Narratives

9. Imamate from the Shia and Sunni’s point of view

10. And other fields of study related to the topic of Imamate