The virtue of similarity between Imam Ali and Jesus Christ : evolution of a quote by Abu Sadeq Azodi

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1 Associate professor, department of theology, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

2 PhD Candidate in Qoran and hadith Sciences university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.


A virtue of Imam Ali will-known in the past but veiled in the current era is his similarity to jesus christ. According to a quote referenced in Shia and Sunni writings from Abu Sadiq Azodi,Prophet deliberately refrained from explaining the high virtues, lofty qualities and elevated status of Imam Ali to public fearing that lay Muslims would – as chritians did in the era of christ- would show exaggration in their reactions towards Imam Ali. In the process of historically quoting and requoting, ideas fluctuated between accepting or rejecting the veracity of current hadith, just like any other hadith in sunni writings. This hadith had some degrees of evolutions in the course of history too. As a result, a new text which carries anti-Rafezi implications. It is as follows
«یا علی، فیک مثل من عیسی، أبغضته یهود حتی بهتوا أِمه، و أحبته النصاری حتی أنزلوه المنزل الذی لیس له»
The current study adopts a text-proof analytical method and investigates the age, evidences and the method of transferrencefor this Hadith in the course of history in sunni and Shia writings. The current study then seeks
to identify the truthful factual quote and reconstruct the real mathods of requoting. It will also cast some useful insight on the reasons behind the prevelance of distorted hadith.