Suspended inclusiveness of salvation: a study on the status of belief in Imamat on salvation

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1 Professor of the department for Quran and Hadith sciences , university of Tehran, Iran.

2 PhD candidate in Qoran and hadith sciences, University of Tehran, Iran.


In the holy book of Quran and sunni resources, salvation in hereafter is defined as being shielded against hellfire and entrance into the paradise.Monopolists regard the staunch Sunni believers the only group qualified
to be shielded against hellfire and to enter into paradise. However,the Infallible Imams regard the expanse of Allah’s bounty and favour as vaster. Regarding the issue of salvation and its extent, Imams call attention to two issues simultaneously. First: the monopoly value of Shia Imams and steadfastedly following themyields“guaranteed salvation”. Second is the vastness of Allah’s bounty and forgiveness that leadsto“suspended salvation” (salvation with no guarantee). Almighty Allah grants salvation to people that areerroneous in their beliefs and deeds and don’t worship Allah as he desires so, however, they show no enmity or ill will to Allah’s successors on earth and never fight them. Thus, Imams hold that according to the holy book of Quran and the tradition of prophet both doors are open in hereafter : the door for guranteed salvation and the door for suspended salvation. The current paper seeks to explore the issue of suspended inclusiveness of salvation to many amuslim according to Quranic verses and hadiths. The current paper seeks to show that there is no paradox between holding only steadfast believers and followers of Shia Imams will reach salvation and the vastness and inclusiveness of Allah’s salvation for non-Shias. According to the Shia school of thought both of these lines of reasoning are truthful and plausible.