Exploring the book “minhaj” by Mir Hamid Hussein in criticism of frequency of citation for hadiths in the book Abaghat al Anvar

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PhD in Islamic Rhetoric, University of Qom, Qom, Iran.


Without an iota of doubt, the book “Abaghat al Anvar” by the renowned scholar Mir Hamid Hossein is a priceless token for scholars of rhetoric and Imamate. This book is a strong answer in crtiticism of the chapter on Imamate in the book “Tohfet al-Ithna Asharia”. Mir Hamed’s Book contains valuable contents that exploring them and the systems and line of reasoning that govern them is a torch that guides scholars and think tanks in the domain of Imamate studies. Frequency of citation of a hadith yields an indisputable and definitive result used as a criteron in measuring the authenticity of Hadiths. This paper aims to explore the methods and motivations of those who doubted the authenticity of a hadith or its frequency of citation and how Mir Hamid attempted to answer these doubts and uncertainties. Mir hamid defined the qualities based on which one can label a hadith as frequently cited one. Mir Hamid also outlined the qualities that prove frequency of citation for a hadith in his invaluable book “Abaghat al-anvar”