Ibn-Teimie as a prejudiced scholar, investigations based on his ideas and others’ attributing prejudice to him

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Graduate of Howze school of islamic studies in Qom, head of depart-ment for criticizing Wahabi school of though in Khatam-ul-Nabiyin re-search institute


The current study aims to investigate the reasons and proofs testifying that
Ibn-Teimie was an inflicted and prejudiced scholar based on his ideas and
writings. The current study adopts a descriptive-analytical - documentary
approach that Ibn Teimie resorted to in order to repudiate, undermine
or distort the virtues of Ahl ul beit specifically Imam Ali in numerous
instances specially in his book “Menhaj al -sonna”. After thorough
investigations, this research finds that Ibn Teimie has blatantly manifested
his enmity towards the members of prophet’s house. Therefore, it can
be concluded from quotes by the holy prophet of Islam, the criterion for
being deemed as a hypocrite is enmity towards Imam Ali. According
to the definition presented by Sunni scholars for prejudice- belief and
commitment to enmity or partiality against Imam Ali and members of
prophet’s household- Ibn-Teimie can be without doubt regarded as a
prejudiced scholar. It is incumbent and imperative on Islamic scholars
to warn common Muslims against using the writings and works of Ibn