A study on the ideas of Tonekaboni and Borghei against tha dostrine of arrival

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Graduate of Howeze school of Islamic studies in Qom, researcher in the institute of jafari Culture, Qom, Iran.


Arrival of the savior has been a fundamental doctorine in Shia Islam. Its
truthfulness is beyond any reasonable doubt or uncertainty corroborated
by indisputable proofs. Coutless books and articles have tried to argue
in favor or agianst this vitally important doctorine, grounding their
arguments on narratives and hadiths and logical reasonings. Sunnis
and fundamentalists in Iran rejected this doctorine regarding arrival as a
mere exaggration. They base their ideas on some Quranic verses. They
also hold that most narrative accounts and hadiths in this regard are
weak, insubstantial or vague.
On the other hand, Shia scholars base their ideas on Quranic verses
arguing that arrival is a certainty in Islam. They hold that hadiths and
narratives are undeniable and frequency of citatation of them clearly
establishes their truthfulness. Among the fundamentalists of Iran,
Tonekaboni and Borghei singled out problems within the doctorine of
arrival. The current study seeks to adopt a critical stance towards the
doubts expressed by Tonekaboni in his book “Islam and arrival” and
two other books by another scholar Borghei namely “scientific study of
Hadiths about Mahdi” and “a beam of light from Quran”.