Explaining the status of Istifa1 for Fatima based on Quranic verses and narratives

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Level four graduate of Howze Islamic school in Qom, head of Tabligh special department, Qom, Iran.


Based on revelations in quranic verses and narrations from Imams and
Ahl-Ul Beit3
and shared hadiths between Shias and Sunnis, Almighty
Allah has bequeathed the status of Istifa to prophet’s offspring and
members of his prophet. Numerous verses in the holy book of Quran
have been revealed to the prophet of Islam testifying this appointment.
Some examples are Mobahele verse, Tathir verse, Istifa of Holy Mary
verse, the inheritor of the book verse, and two Surats al-Kowsar and
Al-Insan. Oftentimes, the holy prophet of Islam attempted to clarify
this appointment in his quotes such as Thaghalein hadith, Safine hadith,
the wrath and pleasure of Fatima Hadith and Bezaton Menni hadith.
A thorough look at the verses and hadiths clearly unveils the fact that
members of the prophet’s house including fatima (his one and only
child) are all granted the status of being chosen by Almighty Allah.
This issue assumes particular significance when one considers the lofty
status of Fatima in the universe and her appintment by Almighty Allah
and when one compares this status with her contemporaries and wives
of the prophet.