A Criticism of the Holy View on the Hadith of Deity in Alrd Ali Al-Raza


1 Master of Shi’a Studies (With a Major on Kalam) at Qom University of Religions

2 Ph.D. student of the Qur’an and Hadith, Arak University, Iran.


Mohammad bin Khalil Moghaddasi, from the Shafi‘i scholars of the ninth century AH, in the book "Al-rad Ali al-Rafiza" (Denying the rejectors), rejects Imam Ali’s (as) sovereignty against other Sahabah and finds some problems with the “Hadith of Position.” The purpose of this study was to investigate the accuracy of his speech with an emphasis on Sunni books. A review of various sources suggests that Moghaddasi has not been able to deny the authenticity of the "Hadith of Position"; He cites narratives that are similar to this narrative to find some virtue for the first and second caliphs, which their falseness is verifiable. Given the absolute expression of Aaron's position compared to Moses (as), Imam Ali (as) has all of A'aron's positions towards toward the Prophet (s) - apart from prophecy – as compared with A'aron' towards Moses (as). Also, the Hadith of Position proves the sovereignty of Imam Ali (pbuh) against other Sahabah since A'aron' was the supreme person among the people of Moses (as); so it is imperative that Imam Ali (AS) be superior among the people of the Prophet (pbuh).