Investigating the Confrontation between Tabarra and Taqiya Based on Verses and Narrations

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate Professor of the Qur'an and Hadith University, Qum, Iran.

2 Ph.D. Student of Qur'an and Hadith University, Qum, Iran.


Tabarra and Taqiyah are the two accepted teachings of the Imamiyya, which begin from the domains of belief and ends in the behavioral aspect; these two teachings have two different results, and lead the Shiites of Imami into opposite direction. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to investigate the confrontation between the Tabarra and the Taqiyah and its results based on verses and narrations. The results indicate that although Tabarra and Taqiyah have two different perspectives, they do not confront each other, but complement each other's activities in preserving, promoting and promoting religion. Tabarra and Taqiyah are two doctrines that are in harmony with each other and for the attainment of a single goal at the lowest cost, but the way believers behave depends on social conditions in any time. The believers have to properly evaluate the conditions and subsequently, selection of a proper behavior in accordance with existing conditions. This positioning can prevent the surrendering of wisdom and insistence on a clear Tabarra in all circumstances, as well as the fear and expression of untimely weakness, as Taqiyah, and unites the believers of every age to take advantage of the most effective method of religion.