Aspects of Urgency in Divine Authority in the Words of Imams (AS)

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Bonyad jafari


Imams (AS) have expressed the issue of urgency in divine authorities in
a large collection of narratives and in various forms. The present study
aims to investigate the issue of “urgency for divine authority” in the
narratives by “Kitab al-Kafi” and other ancient Hadiths narrators, and to
study the amount of attention and emphasis of the religious authorities
on this issue, using a descriptive-analytical method. In this regard, the
present study seeks to provide the following aspects and dimensions of
the urgency of divine authorities by examining the narratives of Imams
(AS) and referring to the implications and prerequisites of their words:
the necessity of the existence of authority for the survival of the Earth,
the expression of religion and the religious orders, the possibility of
following, the elimination of human disagreement, the preservation
of religion and the heavenly books of distortion, interpretation and
explanation, the acceptance of obedience. An examination of each of
the aforementioned aspects showed that the destruction of the earth
in the absence of divine authority was not violated by the ascension
of Jesus (AS) or the ascension of the Prophet (PBUH). The narrations
that emphasize the necessity of the existence of the authority for the
introduction of the Ancillaries of the Faith, and halal and haram, do not
mean the need for direct access and immediate access to them, but these
narratives seek to introduce the correct path of access to the knowledge;
Although this can be performed due to the trust towards knowledgeable
people and sahabah, this trustworthy quotes and narratives of hadiths of
Ahlul-Bayt (AS) has been approved. The necessity of being an Oswah
of divine authority is not its sensual and superficial existence. Except
for the urgency of authority for the survival of the Earth that is a genetic
need; other aspects of urgency are a dignity of the authority and its non-obligatory duties.