The Enlightenment of the Knowledge of Imam from the Perspective of the Quran

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Graduated from the third level of Imamah Studies from the specialized center of Imamah of Ahlul-Bayt (AS), Qom, Iran.


Among the hadiths related to the science of the Imam, the enlightenment
of Imam is one of the concepts which have been endorsed by all the
Imams (AS). The present study seeks to extract and support this Shi’a
hadith from the Qur’an by citing the teachings of the Enlightenment
of the Imam to the verses of the Qur’an. In this regard, by analyzing
the verses, “the family of hadiths of the Enlightenment of Imam” has
been documented in groups. The tradition of the God in the granting
of the sciences to the previous messengers has been examined, so long
as this tradition about them is fixed in an incremental way, it is also
hypothised to be true about Khatam-Al-Anbia and his family. Also, the
verses directly referring to “The Enlightenment of the Imams (AS)” are
also reviewed. The findings show that, although the Enlightenment of
the Imams is not mentioned in the Quran, there is some evidence in
Quran which confirms this hadith belief. Even the details of Imamiyya
thoughts can be proved to be true by the Quran. The collection of the
verses of “Laylat al-Qadr” refers to the enlightenment of Imam; the
angels are sent down to the Imam by the God in the night of Qadr,
and they enlighten the Imam from the Lord, and since the night of
Qadr and the descent of the angels in this night is continuous, such an
enlightenment will continue until the Day of Resurrection