A Study on Permissibility or Prohibition of Using Sab Against the Foes of Ahl-Ul-Beit

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Graduate of Qom Islamic Seminary


” is one of the methods of showing abhorrence and dissociation
to the foes of Ahl-Ul Beit. The current study investigates permissibility
or prohibition of “sabb”. A careful analysis of evidence from Quran and
hadith shows that “sabb” is not only permissible but preferred course of
action in the face enemies of Ahl-Ul Beit. Moreover, the biography of
Infallible Imams shows they indeed resorted to “sabb” when faced with
their enemies. The results of the current study show that “sabb” has a
broad meaning inclusive of all forms of contempt, verbal belittling,
known to the public. However there exists a clear margin between “sabb”
and swearwords.
It is worth mentioning that this method of showing dissociation is not
appropriate when a person dissimulating. The present study investigates
the issue of “sabb” for enemies, and it does not investigate dissimulation
and other issues like expediency.