Resources for Imams’ Knowledge from the Perspective of Qom Rhetoric Scholars : a Case Study of Barghi, Kulayni and Sadooq

Document Type : Original Article


M.A. in Arabic Literature of Jamia Al-Mostafa Univercity, researcher of the Jafari Culture Foundation


The fact that Imams are in possession of special, infinite knowledge
bequeathed from Almighty Allah is agreed upon among all Imami
scholars. However, scholars have showed differing views on two
pivotal issues namely the sphere of Imams knowelege and the source
of Imams knowledge. Hadiths have singled out varied sources for
Imams knowledge. Scholars in Qom religious school have quoted some
hadiths and outlined the sources for Imams knowledge. The current
study adopts a descriptive-analytical approach and seeks to find answer
to the following question: what was the stance taken by Qom religious
school scholars toward the two pivotal questions mentioned earlier. In so
doing, the current paper investigated the viewpoints expressed by three
prominent scholars representing three main ideological streamlines in
Qom. The results show that all the main ideological thoughlines attributed
special infinite knowledge for Imams. However, they expressed differing
views with regard to the sources of Imams Knowledge according to the
religious orientation they had. The two sources of Imams’ knowledge
were “inspiration” and “heredity” as outlined by the above-mentioned
scholars in the religious school.