Imams’ authority to influence the whole universe (the influence the whole universe) from the perspective of rhetoric scholars in Qom, with a special focus on the ideas from scholars such as Barghi, Koleini and Sadooq

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Researcher in Jafari Foundation


The issue of Infallible Imams’ authority to exert influence in the whole universe is a controversial one among scholars and experts on Imamieh issues. An investigation into such an issue is not only important in fathoming the elevated status of Imams, but it also assumes considerable importance in outlining and discerning the appropriate thought line of Imams. The religious schools in Qom have always enjoyed diversity of methods and thought lines, at the same time the schools have always sought to counter exaggeration. The imamate-related issues have been comprehensively discussed in religious schools of Qom. The current study seeks to investigate the ideology of three prominent scholars namely Ahmad Barghi, Sheikh Kolaini and Sheikh Sadooq in the domain of Imams’ Authority to influence the whole universe. It then seeks to explore the thought line of scholars in Qom as regards to Imams authorities and influences in the whole universe. It is concluded that the principle of authority to influence the whole universe was not only approved by the scholars in Qom religious school, but scholars have also sought to re-narrate these accounts comprehensively under numerous titles.