Exploring the status of Tahdis in infallible Imams

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institute for Ahl-Ul-Beit knowledge


Tahdis is a lofty status whereby Infallible Imams could communicate with the heavens and were the recipients of science and knowledge. This unique quality is highly similar to revelation from Almighty Allah in that it involves conversing with the angels and communication with the heavens. However, this form of communication lacks the legislative quality present in revelation. Tahdis was mentioned in societies prior to Islam and also in the words of the holy prophet of Islam. This unique teaching was gradually strengthened among Shias and found its proper place in Ṣādiqayn’s era. The qualities for such a status are noteworthy. The content conveyed to the communicator is among the most important points. The current study aims to prove the principle of Tahdis, and seeks to investigate the qualities and finally explores the contents of Tahdis.