Investigating the implications of Ghadir Hadith as a proof of Imam Ali’s Imamate from the perspective of Allameh Mir Hamed Hussein in his book Abaghat Al-Anvar

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1 Assistant professor, University of Arak

2 University of Arak


Since the beginning of Islam, the issue of successor to the prophet has always assumed primary importance among all Muslims. Shias subscribe to the view that Amir-al-momenin (pbuh) was appointed by clear designation from Almighty Allah and prophet himself. An undeniable proof that corroborates this view is Ghadir Frequently narrated tradition. However, Sunnis degraded this hadith and claim that the hadith only depicts the popularity of Imam Ali among Muslims and his assistance to prophet (pbuh), according to this view Ghadir hadith refers to issues other than the Imamate of Imam Ali. Allameh Mir Hamid Hossein, a prominent Shia scholar, explained the principles of Ghadir hadith in his book Abaghat-al-anvar-fi- Imamate- Aemmate-al-Athar, and provided numerous compelling reasons to support the view expressed by Shias. The current study aims to adopt a descriptive-comparative-analytical approach to Allameh’s reasoning, and investigates Allameh’s method of extracting these reasons. To conclude, Allameh adopts a comprehensive approach towards the implications and the sources of hadith comprehension such as : Quranic verses, quotations related to Ghadir hadith, numerous accounts of Ghadir event, the understanding of companions of the prophet from Ghadir Hadith and the quotes from Sunni scholars. Allameh has attempted to extract attached and separate implications of the understanding of this very Hadith. Allameh firmly proves that Ghadir is a complete implication that Imam Ali is the righteous successor of Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)