An Introduction to the Validation Master Plan

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Validation of the available hadiths, having been uttered by the Infallibles (PBUT), has always received the companions' attention since the ancient times, even dating back to the era of Imams'
presence. Accordingly, the science of hadith transmitters was established. Since the early times, the great Shiite scholars have made their best endeavors to validate the hadiths. As outcomes of their attempts, many books on different subjects in this domain have been written. The Rijali (pertaining to the science of hadith transmitters) Samanyyeh books are the oldest available books in this field.
Generally, these books have been written employing four approaches of codifying the lists based on classes, catalogs, miscellany and modification. Nevertheless, this set of knowledge is not sufficient to meet the needs of hadith and hadith transmitters' researchers. Nor is it sufficient to answer the questions asked about and doubts cast on the Shiite hadith and hadith heritage. Therefore, innovations should be encouraged to meet the needs and answer the questions and doubts. To this end, Imamate Cultural Foundation, inviting the distinguished instructor, Mr. Seyyed Ali Reza Hosseini, and holding different scientific meetings, took the first step and codified '' the Validation Master Plan''. The plan
is divided into eight chapters, either of which containing various sub-issues. In this scheme of subjects, what is mostly emphasized and utilized is the Companion's outlook towards hadith validation which, contrary to the current approach, considers other contextual clues, in addition to the transmitter's personality.