A Bibliography of the Book '' Al Qatrata men Behar Manaqeb al Nabi va al Itrah''

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Qom University


''Al Qatrata men Behar Manaqeb al Nabi va al Itrah'' is a book of theology and hadith which has been written for the purpose of reviewing the virtues of Ahl Al-Bayt (the Prophet's Household)(PBHT). Its traditional structure, its rather poor systematicity, and its meagerness of new scientific achievements have led to being somehow accused of repetition. However, this repetition could be said to have been purposeful in terms of maintaining and establishing the pre-existing hadiths, reviving the theological methods of early Imamyyeh, and decreasing the proportion of a one-sided preoccupation with mere jurisprudential discussions. In addition to paying tribute to the Infallibles, an emphasis on the necessity of attending to Ahl Al-Bayt's teachings as well as a warning about the necessity of following them are among the motives of writing the book.