An Analysis of the Most Significant Judgmental Criterion in the Science of Hadith Transmitters (Ilm Al-Rijal) From a Theological Standpoint

Document Type : Original Article


1 Center for the Islamic Computer Researches

2 Researcher in Imam Sadeq (PBUH) Islamic Sciences Research Center


Investigating the nature of the judgmental criterion employed by the practitioners in the science of hadith transmitters (Ilm Al-Rijal), in general, and analyzing the extent to which Rijali data are
influenced by theological beliefs, in particular, are unattended issues and in need of probing as well as a comprehensive view in this domain. What justifies the necessity of the present study is a need for an unbound inference, beyond the rendered judgements, to analyze the reasons behind the designated ideas by hadith transmitters' researchers along with tracing their roots. Employing methodological and innovative outlooks, and resting upon Rijali-theological data analysis, this study seeks to indicate the position and the extent of the effectiveness of doctrinal thoughts on evaluating the transmitters' authenticity or lack of it. The resultant of the data along with an in-depth analysis of tracing the roots for the evidences of this discourse clearly shows Rijali judgements are influenced by theological beliefs. The findings of the present study demonstrate that the domain of these reactions in the branches of the doctrinal principles, and specifically in viewing the issues under Imamate principle, is more apparent. These reactions can be considered intra-religious reactions against doctrinal actions within Rijali evaluative grounds. The findings, as well, are prone to pave the ground to encourage innovation in the basics and bring about a novel perspective to enjoy traditions, specifically the traditions in the realm of Imamate.