The Wisdom of the Shiite Art in Imamate Issues; The Dynamism of Signs and Symbols of Mourning Ceremonies and Visiting the Holy Shrines

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Faculty member of the Iran›s Institute for Research in Philosophy


Ritual art might offer a different perspective to study a given creed. Imamyyeh or Shiism could be studied through the lenses of its cultural and artistic assets and competencies. The culture of Shiism
is interwoven with its numerous signs and symbols within the miscellaneous cultural grounds. Holy Shrines, Hosseiniehs (mosques or other places specialized for holding ritual mourning ceremonies)
and ceremonies of mourning and feasts are all the birthplaces of many customs and rites which, in turn, have brought about both the growth of art and the symbol of Shiism. Due to resting upon the
concept of Imamate, Shiism has gained its identity and distinction from other denominations, and it has mourning ceremonies and visiting the holy shrines as basic points of departure in its culture.
Moreover, within Shiism itself, one can find wisdom along with the mechanism governing the dynamism and artistic-symbolistic variety. One can also infer a huge proportion of Shiite art's wisdom
from the very Shiism rite. In addition to these research components, there is another standard which can contribute to this dynamism. The present study is designed to analyze the Shiite's wisdom of art
and symbolism. And to this end, research tools as well as theological methods are employed.