Imami Scholars' Approach on the Traditions of the Initial Creature

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Alh al Baiyt (PBUT) Imamate Specialized Center


Knowledge of the origin of creation and that of the almighty God's initial creature is from among the key issues dealt with within the divine teachings which are part of the scientific heritage of the holy Imams (PBUT). Some written accounts within the Imamyeh traditional texts have introduced miscellaneous creatures as the initial one. The one which has mostly been mentioned is the light of Ahl Al-Bayt. Wisdom, the Muhammadan Reality (Haqiat Al-Muhammadiyya), the moon and the light of the prophet and Ahl Al-Bayt are also the entities considered as the initial creature by Imamyyah scholars; although, a number of those scholars have regarded that very light of Ahl Al-Bayt as the truth of all those creatures. The present study seeks to examine the Imami thinkers' approach about these series of traditions.