Kadivarʼs ideas on Shia Theology: A Fundamental Critique

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Dr. Mohsen Kadivar is a contemporary Shiite religious intellectual.
One of the discussions that he had in the intellectual sphere that was
considered a great advantage was the concern for how to refer to
religion. In the present article, the author criticizes and examines the
arguments, strengths and efficiency of the references by Mr. Kadivar
in discussions relating to references to reliable religious sources. In
order to do this, the author first investigates what the proper indicators
of Imamate and the Shiite definition of Mr. Kadivar are. Then it will
be criticized according to Imamate, Imam Aliʼs divine knowledge
and the descriptions by Ahl alـBayt as provided in Nahjulbalaghah
and according to the analysis of the emphasis by Amiralmu’minīn
on his higher virtuousness, etc. Then, Mr. Kadivar’s attitude towards
Nahjulbalaghahwill be criticized and his unfounded claims are
mentioned. Finally, the article will end by mentioning the need to pay
attention to the social conditions at the time when something is said