The Extent of Imam’s Knowledge according to Kolaini and Saffar

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Among the discussions on Imamate is that of Imam’s knowledge and its
knowledge. This has been a constant source of discussion throughout
the history among Shiite scholars, with numerous books having been
composed in this respect, among them narrative literature on the Minor
Occultation in the two books Basā’ir alـDarajātby Saffār and AlـHujjah
in Kalini’s AlـKāfīcollection. The examination of the views of its authors
has an important role in the intellectual study of Qom’s hadith school
while clarifying the Companions’ impression of narrations on this topic.
The extent of Imam’s knowledge is a controversial discussion on
Imamate in the Muslim nation (ummah) and the followers of Shiism.
Saffâr and Kalini, inheritors of Qom’s hadith school, have collected
narrations on this topic to introduce Imam’s knowledge in the realm
of Creation and preordinations. Knowledge of facts of the past, events
of the present and preordinations of the future constitutes a large
collection of truths that are compiled in Mohammad’s Household’s
knowledge collection.
The present research rejects the view of some people on the
difference between the two books, AlـKāfiand Basā’ir alـDarajāt, while
emphasizing that not only kolaini did not give up the discourse of Qom’s
hadith school, but he also provided them systematically in a new form.
An attempt has been made in the present research to provide a
selection of narrations relating to this discussion based on the objects of
knowledge. This selection was made of the large number of tradition on
knowledge and provides a single criterion for comparing the chapters
and narrations of the two books.