A Report of Azeri elegy

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Azeriـspeaking poets may be considered as the most ardent ones
working in the field of wala’i literature. The present writing is a report
of the poetry of Azeriـspeaking ritual poets written by Mr. ‘Isa Thaqib
Bakhshayesh (one of the Azeriـspeaking poets and panegyrists). At first,
he describes how Azeriـspeaking people hold mourning ceremonies
for the Household (PBUT) and then he introduces ceremonies such
as “putting a washbasin”, “king Husayn” and the like. Concerning
each of the above ceremonies, he mentions an example of poems
and liturgies. Referring to Azeriـpoems, in what follows he describes
what that characterizes Azeriـspeaking people in holding mourning
ceremonies for the Household (PBUT). Finally, the author concludes
with classification of liturgies composed by Azeriـspeaking liturgists in
terms of the tone of their words (and quotes examples in this regard),
and introduces some poets, publishers, and poetic forms of the ritual