An introduction to the Epopee of Ghazawat

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In the valuableـbut unknownـtreasure of Persian literature, there
are many religious epics in which bravery of the Commander of the
Faithful, ‘Ali (PBUH), has been spoken of and many of them have been
composed as “Combats of the Lion1”. In this writing, we introduce the
epopee of Ghazawat composed by Mirza Abu Talib Findiriski.
To introduce this epopee, two points should be noted: first, when
this epopee had not been yet edited, all literary scholars thought
that it was a “supplement to Combats of the Lion” composed by
“Badhil Mashhadi; while it is an independent work composed many
years before “Combats of the Lion”. Second, this work is of historical
importance and it is, in terms of correspondence to historical authentic
sources, unique and for the same reason it is different from many
religious epics which are near to myths and superstitions.