The Scope of the Knowledge granted to Those who Have Been Chosen by God in the Holy Quran

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Based on a descriptiveـanalytical methodology and through an
interpretive approach, the present article studies the scope of the
knowledge granted to those chosen by God in the Holy Quran.
The importance of the present study lies in the fact that it may be
taken as a basis for Shi’i beliefs concerning Imams’ knowledge.
The present study comes to the conclusion that in the scopes
of various sciences such as natural sciences, events happened
in the past and which will happen in the future, the kingdom of
heavens and the earth, things hidden to the external senses …,
God has granted special knowledge to His Prophets properly. The
second part of the study shows that such special sciences are
not exclusive to the prophets and others such as Luqman, Talut,
Dhu’al Qarnayn, Maryam had enjoyed such sciences as God
willed. Thus belief in immensity of the scope of knowledge granted
to those who have been chosen by God is not an exaggeration.
And if such knowledge is proved, based on authentic arguments,
for Imams of the Household (pbut), it may be accepted and is
supported by the Holy Quran.