Duties of the Ummah towards the Imam

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The present article argumentatively discusses the most important
duties such as knowledge, obedience, submission, gratitude, friendship
with friends and enmity to the enemies of Imam, assistance, revival
of the Imamate of the Household (pbut), praying and expecting for
appearance which should be observed towards the Infallibles (pbut).
Knowledge of the Imam is a precondition to acquire faith, belief, and
act. Since Imam has been appointed by God to guide human beings,
obedience to him is connected to obedience to God and the same as
obedience to God. On the other hand, true faith is defined by submission
to the Imam, and nonـsubmission is the same as polytheism (shirk). And
one of the effects of submission is allegiance with the Imam (pbuh).
Assistance to Imam is as a matter of fact assistance to God’s religion
as a consequence of which the one who assists the Imam cannot be
To whom who revives or enlivens the cause of Imamate of the
Household (pbut) is granted the neverـending Divine mercy. In the age
of occultation, expecting for appearance of the Awaited and praying for
him is one of the main duties of the Ummah towards the Imam (pbuh)
and brings about many blessings.