A Critique of the Hypothesis of Evolution in Shi'i Imamate Study of References Made inMaktab dar Farayand Takamol(School in the Process of Evolution), Section concerning Imamate of Imam Muhammad Baqer (PBUH)

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In the present writing, a section of Maktab dar Farayand Takamol
(School in the Process of Evolution) will be discussed. The subject
of this section is a historical analysis of “Shi’is’ opinion concerning
necessity of armed revolt by Imams (PBUT)” and some aspects
of “belief in Mahdism in the Shi’’i socity”; and, finally the impacts
exerted by these points in evolution of “Shi’is’ Imamology” has
been concluded (or indirectly induced).
In the present writing, points such as non-correspondence
between arguments posed and claims made in the book will be
studied; through rereading pieces of evidence provided in the
footnotes of a section of the book (pp. 33-43 concerning Imamate
of Imam Muhammad Baqer (PBUH)), it will be shown that these
pieces of evidence do not justify the claims posed in the book.
Then, all methodological errors in putting the book in writing will
be separately discussed.