Conflict between Two Theories of Counsel and Democracy and Imamate

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Imamate is a Divine station which no human is able to know its
essence and understand it. Some people, however, have some
suspicions since they have not correctly known the idea of
Imamate in Shi’i thinking. Such suspicions originate from wrong
understanding of hadiths and verses on the one hand and the fact
that they have compared this Divine station with human positions.
One of such suspicions concerns function and the role played by
democracy and counsel in appointing Imam. Proponents of these
two theories have claimed that Imamate and democracy are not
consistent- since they have confused the meaning of Imamate
and government and adopted the same meaning for the two.
For Imamate and government have been always manifestation
of intervention and participation of people in political power. In
the present article, the author will at first discuss democracy and
counsel and their kinds; then analyzing the two, he will criticize