Lovingkindness for the Household (PBUT) according to the Holy Quran and Hadiths: A Glance at Interpretation of the Lovingkindness verse

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Imamate of the Infallible Leaders (PBUT) may be proved in two
ways: according to the Holy Quran and through authentic Hadiths
The Lovingkindness Verse and Hadiths quoted to interpret
the verse clearly prove Imamate and universal wilayah of the
Household (PBUT). The present writing discusses this verse and
Hadiths quoted by Sunni Muhaddithun and presents its main
points along four axes: 1- Household (who are the Household?),
2- relevant hadiths, 3- [disproving] suspicions made by the
opponents, 4- implication of Imamate by the verse. The present
writing studies the interpretation of the Lovingkindness on the
basis of Sunni resources.