A New Reason for the Imamate of Shiite Twelve Imams (AS)

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Based on evidentialism and by annexing three evidences together
a new reason has been developed in this essay for the Imamate
of Shiite Twelve Imams (AS). Having explained the methodology
of evidentialism in epistemology, the author mentioned triple
evidences. The first evidence is Torah’s good news about the birth
of twelve overlords from Samuel’s descent; the second evidence
is the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s good news about the advent
of twelve successors after him among his people that have even
been indicated in the most authentic Sunnite sources; the third
evidence is a wonderful reality in the history of human life that has
not been underlined yet, i.e. the appearance of twelve great men in
a continuous generation the opponents of whom have confessed
to their majesty in knowledge, ethics and devotion. The existence
of the third evidence causes the real and unique extension of the
two former evidences to be uncovered.