The Archetypes of Imams (AS): An Essay of the Ways of Demonstration of Imamate of Imams in Shiite Prophetic Traditions

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Which evidences and signs do exist in Prophetic Traditions
that demonstrate the Imamate of Shiite Imams? To answer this
question, this essay seeks to collect and introduce the ways of
demonstration of Imamate of Archetypes of Imams (AS) from
Shiite tradition books. These ways in a general classification can
be expressed in four parts of Text, Knowledge of the Absent,
Miracle and Signs. The demonstration of Imamate of Imam Ali
(AS) is beyond the settled limits of this essay. Since the Prophetic
Tradition of him besides the aforementioned ways are focused on
Qur’anic interpretations. Text has its own subdivisions including
general or particular, hidden or expressive and bailed or unbailed
texts. Some cases of the ways of miracle and signs will be reported
to the extent that the essay’s scope allows that appear in the form
of evidence and not reason.