An Investigation of the Principles of Twelvers Shiite Interpretation and Its Evolution

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In the first part of the essay, the authors have relocated Imams’
place by Shiite as the only true interpreters of Qur’an and then
briefed on Twelvers’ views of Qur’an and introduced Twelvers’
interpretations. In discussing of the principles of interpretation
by Twelvers the authors have addressed the issue of Qur’an’s
distortion, and without more elaboration on the matter, mentioned
the views of Sheikh Tusi, Mullah Muhsen Feydh Kashani and
Ayatollah Khoei (RA) and considered the impossibility of Qur’an’s
distortion as Shiite stance on this issue. Finally, Mahmoud Ayyub
has examined, for example Chapter 5: 67 that narrates the story
of Ghadiri Khum, from Shiite interpreters’ points of views.