The Place of Imamate in E‘tesam (Hanging on) Verse Relying on the Meaning of Hablullah (Divine Rope)

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One of the most important and thematic issues that has a key
and fundamental impact on the culture of Twelver Shiism is the
knowledge of the place of Prophet’s Household as the basic element
in the recognition of religion’s truth. In fact, the understanding
of religion with all its branches and subsets is contingent upon
resorting to Qur’an and Prophet’s Household that eternal bliss
and Muslims’ cohesion are among its results and consequences.
What the author pursues in this essay is the recognition of place
of Imamate under the light of E‘tesam (Hanging on) Verse that has
not been addressed enough in scientific community. This verse’s
examination based on the semantics of Hablullah is the focus of
this article; but to understand this word and its realization as the key
element of the verse we have to examine other terms too.
Having analyzed the term Hablullah under the light of Qur’an
and Prophetic traditions, the author has dealt with the semantics of
e‘tesam and tafarq and explained the role of Prophet’s Household
as the preserver of Qur’an. Then in the final part of the essay he has
studies public opinions of the verse.