The Scope of Generic Welayat of Prophet's Household (AS) in Usul al-Kafi and Basaer al-Darajat

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Generic Welayat is an existential aspect of Prophet's Household (AS)
the scope of which is a matter of dispute among scholars. Thus some
traditionists who had narrated Imams' dignities and divine gifts were
accused of exaggeration. This research is an attempt to evaluate this
issue in the light of two ancient Shiite tradition books, i.e. Usul al-Kafi
and Basaer al-Darajat.
By comparing the scope of generic Welayat of Prophet's Household
(AS) in these books it becomes clear that their Welayat encompasses
various domains. Safar has broadly narrated the traditions pertaining
such categories as reviving the dead, earth traveling in a moment,
healing the ills and the like and in most cases set an independent
chapter for each one; but Kuleini, in Usul al-Kafi, although he has
related traditions concerning almost all of these domains, however
as compared to his master, neither has he opened an independent
chapter for them nor did he relate traditions as much as the master.