A Study of the Exegetical Principles of Imamyah Shiite and Its Evolution

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The Welayat of Holy Imams has two dimensions – i.e. generation
and legislation. Each one of these aspects can be examined via
rational, traditional and historical approaches. The present essay
studies the issue of "legislative Welayat of Imams (AS)" through a
tradition-based approach in the domain of varieties of legislative
Welayat. This article is concentrated on the following categories:
Welayat to legislation or conferment of legislation to Imams,
exegetical Welayat or scientific and religious authority, social
Welayat or leadership of society. Traditional texts have proven the
legislative Welayat of Prophet's Household in all these cases and
eventually they demonstrate that Imams have the same status
as that of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in all affairs of Welayat but