Zeydiyyah's Challenge Concerning the Necessity of Obeyance from Prophet's Household in the first half of Second Century

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Zeyd and his son both did acknowledge the primordial knowledge of
Imams (AS); however some evidences demonstrate that they did not
believe in canonical necessity of obedience from Their Holinesses.
Their successor from Bani al-Hassan descent besides denying
divine Welayat of Prophet's Household did also renounce the belief
in divinity of Imam's knowledge. The evidences show that during
the first half of second century the followers of Prophet's Household
were distinguished from Zeydis not only through their belief in the
divinity of Welayat of Prophet Muhammad's descendents but also
by their stances toward Sheikheyn as the Zeydis of Kufah insistently
showed their adherence to Sheikheyn; this adherence was a witness
to their belief that Sheikheyn did not violated Ali's right. According
to some evidences, to reciprocate the fault of these people of
Kufah, Abulkhatab renounced any adherence to the Sheikheyn and
revealed his loyalty to Imam al-Sadegh (AS) and gradually he began
to tread the path of extremism.