Ghadir as the Last Place of Public Announcement of Vicegerency of Amir al-Mumenin (AS)

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Ghadir is the reminder of Imamate of Amir al-Mumenin Ali (AS) and
his official appointment to this office. Like prophethood, Imamate is
also a heavenly covenant signed by the Lord and no one would be
honored to this title unless His Majesty has already willed it.
From the earliest days of his prophecy, Prophet Muhammad
(SAW) always did take the occasion to recall the people both
communally and individually to the Imamate of His Holiness Ali
(AS) and communicated this Divine Message to his nation in
various phrases and words; until in Ghadir the Prophet (SAW)
expressed all he had stated about the Imamate and Welayat of Ali
(AS) here and there in one assembly.
This essay discusses of sextuple stages of announcement of
vicegerency of Imam Ali (AS) and regards Ghadir as the last one
of these stages of public announcement of Vicegerency of His
Holiness. Having related the Ghadir occasion, the essay turns to
the phraseology of Ghadir Sermon particularly the term "Maula"
and its application to Imam Ali (AS) and then answers some doubts
casted by Sunnite scholars.