AStudy of the Chain of Transmitters of the Long al-Ghadir Sermon in al-Tahsin on the Basis of Reliability Theory

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Sayings of the Holy Prophet (S) in the Day of al-Ghadir have
been recorded in various extents. The longest available text of
these sayings (which is called the long Sermon of al-Ghadir)
has been discussed and studied as for chain of transmitters
and references to a lesser extent than other versions and in
particular the hadith of al-Ghadir. Though some Imami scholars
and thinkers have created some works about this sermon, no
accurate study has been made about the authenticity of its chain
of transmitters. Thus, in the present writing, the author has tried to
study the last available chain of transmitters of the long Sermon
of al-Ghadir as recorded in a work called al-Tahsin written by
Sayyid Ibn Tawus in the last years of his life. To do so, at first, the
author has mentioned some preliminary points about differences
between the hadith of al-Ghadir and the Sermon of al-Ghadir,
classified various ways in which sayings of the Holy Prophet (S)
have been recorded, and provided a chronologically ordered list
of the available sources; then, he has gone to study the works
concerning this chain of transmitters and its resources. In the
present research, studies made about this chain of transmitters
have been analyzed, and authenticity of all Shi’i transmitters as
well as that of the opponents has been assessed; in conclusion,
and based on the theory of reliability, the chain of transmitters of
this Sermon has been considered as being “authentic”.
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