The Validation of “Asylum Hadith” in the narrations of Sunnis

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In the “Asylum Hadith”, the Prophet of Allah (s), by resembling the
Ahl al-Beit (a) to the stars of the sky, has called their existence
the means for the security of the nation. The famous text of
this Hadith is “Al-Nojom Aman Leahl al-Sama Va Ahl Beiti
Aman Leomati”. Although this Hadith has been reported by five
narrators from the Prophet of Allah (s) in the Sunnis’ narrations,
but it has been weakened by some authors. According to its
most famous narration, there are some reasons; but if we do not
accept them too, we can say that the numerous ways of narration
compensate the weakness of some of its transmitters and proves
the emanation of this Hadith from the Holy Prophet (s); for Sunni
Hadith narrators have accepted narrations with these conditions.
Hence, this Hadith will be proved according to the Sunnis’ rules of
Hadith transmission.