The Infallibility of Imam and its origin in the Noble Quran stories

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“The infallibility of Imam “is one of the most important theological
discussions which has been explored in the theological heritage
of the Twelvers following the Imamate conditions since long.
However, the theologians’ evidences in this regard, in addition
to the narrative and rational evidences, have been related more
with verses such as Purification, Rulers, and such; whereas there
are verses in the stories of the Noble Quran that some of them
indicate the infallibility of the Imam and some others point out
the origin of the Imam’s infallibility which both groups have been
used little by the Twelvers’ theologians. In this article, it has been
tried, on the basis of a descriptive-analytical method, to introduce
and explain the noticeable capacity of such verses from the stories
with the topic of “the infallibility of Imam”. For this, the article has
been arranged in two parts of “reasons for the infallibility of Imam”
and “the origin of Imam’s infallibility”.