The report review of the extremists ' deviation in the light of the cultural function of the Imamate institution

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One of the challenges, that since long has bothered the Hadith
scholars believing in the Shia Hadith heritage and has confronted
them with difficulty in finding a solution for that, is the claim
of concocting and forging in the Shia old writings. One of the
important cases which has been manipulated for this claim and
consequently has resulted a huge assault by dissidents to this
valuable heritage- specially topics related with the institution of
Imamate- is two reports in the book Rejal Kashshi.
Based on these two reports, a period of about 70 years of Shia
Hadith history, i.e. from the time of Imam Baqer’s (a) martyrdom
in 114 (A.H.) to the time of Imam Reza’s (a) appointment as Imam
in 183 (a), has faced a big charge of concocting and forging
narrations by Mughira ibn Said and Abulkhatab and their followers;
a destructive phenomenon which has been stopped finally by
Younis ibn Abd al-Rahman , and the Shia Hadith heritage has
been reformed by him.
In this article, it has been tried to prove the falseness of these two
reports by regarding the tangible and concrete realities in the Shia
Hadith history which are organized based on the cultural function
of the institution of Imamate