The challenge of Bani Hassan with the idea of the Imams’ (a) knowledge in the first part of the second century

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The Bani Hassan is one of the most important branches of the
Zaidi in the middle of the second century (A.H.) which had a
lot of effects on the Shia society, and they had essentially led
the opposition movement against the Omayyad government
and then the Abbasids. Because Bani Hassan could not attain
the support of Imams (a) for their acts, so they took a kind of
oppositeness and denial against them. Imams’ (a) knowledge
about the future which is reached them from the Holy Prophet(s)
and their exclusive knowledge about the religion which was
available for them from the Commander of the Faithful (a) and
the following Imams imposed a grave challenge on the legitimacy
of Bani Hassan; so the denial policy about the idea of Imams’ (a)
divine knowledge became a permanent approach and a profound
aberration in Zaidi in the second century. This article provides a
report of this movement in the turbulent period of the first part of
the second century.