Imam’s Knowledge from Imam Ali (PBUH)’s viewpoint, with an emphasis on Nahj al Balagha (Critiquing the Historical Approach to Imam’s Knowledge)

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The issue of Imam’s knowledge, as one of the doctrinal teachings
and potencies of Shiite Imamate, has long been under the
spotlight. Serving as a requirement for the religious authority
of Imams, this trait was first considered by the prophet (PBUH)
of Islam. Then, it was also the basis of investigating Imamate
by Imams (PBUT) and their disciples. Their opinions and views
have been mentioned in the traditional sources including Nahj
al Balagha, as one of the first sources of Shiite knowledge. Some
have posed several arguments with a historical approach to prove
that the present Shiite beliefs in Imam’s knowledge are different
from those of the past, that is, the time of Imams. Hence, the
present research seeks to investigate Imam’s knowledge and
its characteristics from the viewpoint of Imam Ali (PBUH). The
investigation is conducted with an emphasis on Nahj al Balagha,
which is one of the oldest legacies of tradition, both to emphasize
the fundamental strength of Imam’s knowledge and to provide a
documentary and historical answer to doubts cast in this regard