A Content Analysis of the Traditions Indicating the Presence of Ahl al Bayt (PBUT) at the Premortem Time along with a Critique on Some Viewpoints

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The traditions indicating the presence of Ahl al Bayt(PBHT) at the
premortem time have widely been reflected within the written
literature of Imamiyah, with their authenticity of documentation being
unanimously agreed upon by Imamiyah scholars. Moreover, these
traditions are classified as possessing ‘’ Tawatur(succession) of the
content” according to the typology of traditions. However, there have
long been different approaches to the content of these traditions,
one sample of which could be found in adopting an interpretive
approach to these traditions by Sheikh Mofid and Seyyed Morteza(
May both rest at peace). Examining the content of the premortem
time traditions can be advantageous to an accurate interpretation of
these them. This can both indicate the many positive outcomes for
the person experiencing the premortem time and represent the high
status of Shiite Imams.
Employing a descriptive-analytic approach, the prevent study cites
the affirmation of the available words within the traditions as well as
the presented evidences to prove the presence of Ahl al Bayt(PBUT)
and their being observed at the premortem time of both believers and
nonbelievers. Finally, the other outlooks have also been investigated
and criticized.