A Study on the Definition of Imamate in the School of Bagdad

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The definition of Imamate serves as the foundation of Imamate
studies. Within the Shiite thoughts, a systematic as well as
reasonable definition of Imamate was for the first time put forward
by the theologians in Bagdad School. In the present study, the
researcher has investigated the definition of Imamate from the
viewpoint of the most eminent theologians in Bagdad School. He
has also dealt with the traits of these definitions along with their
relation to the concepts of Prophethood and apostleship through
the eyes of the theologians in Bagdad School, while elaborating
on the differences among them. And finally, he has conducted
a general evaluation of the Bagdad Schools’ approach to
defining Imamate. In researcher’s view, the approach of Bagdad
School’s theologians to defining Imamate is methodologically
acceptable; however, it is problematic in terms of content and
comprehensiveness as well as its conformity to traditional and
Quranic teachings in relation to Imamate. Accordingly, Imamate
needs to be completely defined and likewise redefined. And this
should be accomplished with respect to the position of Imamate
in the Quran and traditions as well as the related concepts of
Imamate employed in the Shiite thought