Authenticating the Hadith of ''Safineh'' by Multiple Documentations Adopted from General Sources

Document Type : Original Article


Tehran Sharif University of Technology


Being a clear indication of the Imamate of Ahl al-Bayt (The prophet's household), the hadith of Safineh Noah is one of the hadiths uttered by the holy Prophet of Islam. It has been narrated
via diverse documents within the Shiite and Sunnite books. Employing the research methods of documentation as well as the science of hadith transmitters( in general, and those of the Sunnites' in particular), the present study aims to investigate the hadiths of five prophet's companions, namely, Abdullah Ibn-Zobair, Ibn-e-Abbas, Ali Ibn-Aboutaleb, Abi Saeed Al-Khedri and Abouzar Qaffari. The findings vividly demonstrate that some of the documents are sound (Sahih), while some are fair (Hasan) and prone to argumentation. Even if we presume that all the hadiths related to the hadith of Safineh are weak (Zaeef), since these weak ones reinforce each other, they contribute to authenticate the hadith of Safineh. The reason is that, neither of the transmitters of the documents of this hadith is accused of lying. Rather, they have been undermined by some of the hadith transmission scholars for their poor memory, ignorance or apocryphal quotation.