The Prophet (Pbuh)’s Parents’ Faith in Sunni and Shia’s View

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Al-Mustafa International University


This article, first of all, is going to present a history of Sun-ni and Shiite writings on the Prophet’s parents’ faith. Then, it studies the scholars’ opinions and their documents, and it turns out that Imāmiyya scholars are all in agreement that the Prophet’s parents were faithful. This idea is based on the documents found in the Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and Imams (A.S.)’s traditions, and reason judgment. Most of the Sunnis believe that the Prophet’s parents were not faithful. This view not only does not have credible documents, but also it disagrees with the Qur’an’s verses and traditions, and is also incompatible with the reason judgment. Therefore, although some of the Sunni scholars do not accept the Proph-et’s parents’ faith, they pay attention to this point that the
Prophet’s parents and his ancestors’ faith has been one of the most repellent topics, and so they prefer to be cautious. Some of the Sunni scholars believe in the Prophet’s parents’ having faith; however, since they are few in number, it is said that just Imāmiyya believe in the Prophet’s parents’ faith.