A study of the theory of legitimacy of "violence and domination" and its arguments in the political discourse of the Ash'arites

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute



"Political legitimacy" is the most important issue of political theology. The theory of "violence and domination" is one of the views of legitimacy in the political theology of the Ash'arites and Hadithists; According to this view, if a person gains power through coercion and domination over others, his Imamate and rule will have legitimacy. The present article deals with the historical explanation of the view of the Ash'arite theologians on violence and domination, as well as the expression of their arguments in proving this view and criticizing it. Accordingly, the basic research questions are what is meant by the perspective of violence and domination? What are the Ash'arite and Hadithists arguments for proving legitimacy through coercion and domination, and how are they evaluated? This article analyzes the above issues with a descriptive-analytical approach and using valid theological, hadith and historical sources of the Sunnis and Jama'at and has come to the conclusion that the main point of view and their arguments are with basic problems such as the authority of the Companions, lack of distinction between legitimacy. The politics and duty of the people, the discovery of violence and overcoming divine pleasure, the paradoxical nature of violence and domination, as well as verses and hadiths that indicate the need to confront the oppressive ruler.